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Wednesday, September 20


Cassie Chapin

Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal, Giclee Print

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Midnight Sonata in Africa in Living Color



Grandaddy Was a Water Buffalo

Acrylic & Alcohol Ink
48"x 48"


Equine Dream

Acrylic & Alcohol Ink


Big Boy



Night Grazing

Acrylic & Alcohol inks
48"x 48"


Palomino Peace

acrylic & graphite
30"x 20"


Pride of the Mesa



Night Scene in the Gorge


My name is Cassie, I live, eat and breath art, but I mainly teach it and make it. I love nature and most of my work is animals. I also do portraits of people and pets. I love capturing a moment in a subject that defines their character, this is what is really pushing my work of late and I am far from conquering it, I love a challenge! I work in many mediums including alcohol inks which are new and exciting as well as vibrant , and their is a release of control when working with them, which is so different then with oil and acrylic and most other mediums. I teach art events with my husband and fellow artist Zackery Faraway at breweries and wineries and all over the place, I also teach classes at Crooked Line Studio in Billings which offers a wide selection of all sorts of art classes!

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Cassie Chapin

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