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Linda  Paige

Mixed, Mixed

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#232Tall Feathers 25"

Tall Gourd/Ink Dyes, Acrylics/McCaw, Pheasant Feathers
Newlyweds "bushwacked" this piece for their new home



Fire Talker #265

Spike elk shed, Faux turquoise, McCaw feathers


Eagle's Lair

26" H x 10" w


Fire Talker Gourd #245...Sold

"apprehended" by collectors
13" W x 17" H


Fire Talker Gourd #244

10 1/2" W x 16" H


Tall People Clan of the Rockies

10" W x 15" H ...Ink Dyes, Pyrography, Acrylics, Carving


#213 "The Ancients" collection

presented w/special card d& verse
13" w x 11" h


Shadow of the Buffalo


Monument Masquerade

Tribute to the Colorado National Monument
Set of two masks ( 23"h x 19"w and 18"h x 14"w)


The Egg and I...Sold

Gourd Art on wood w/Turquoise patina, Pyrography


#214 "The Ancients" collection...Sold

Each "The Ancients" gourd presented w/special card & verse
A gift for someone special

"After years of exploring the back country of the Great American West, so much of it still takes my breath away, and I have finally discovered where all these years of breathless encounters were leading the world of art......where all of these emotions can explode onto my canvas. A unlikely canvas, but my chosen canvas. Or did it choose me?!"

As a young girl growing up in Whittier, CA, Linda & her siblings would ride their horses across the open land and dirt roads that skirted the many orange groves. Family vacations were spent in the California High Sierras camping, fishing, and hiking. Her parents had a great love for God and nature which they instilled in all of their children.
The unlikely canvas, the hard shelled Gourd, entered her life seven years ago when she signed up for a local gourd art class. These gifts from the earth fascinated and inspired her with their unusual shapes and markings. One might say she is a self-taught artist, but she would say her life-long teacher has been the most capable, talented and beautiful that exists.....nature itself. Her husband eventually succumbed to their (gourd) charm, and has become a valuable partner in the art process.
Her gourd designs are inspired by a passion for "wandering" the back country of the western United States. Scattered clues of "people before us", who called the West their home, add a sense of wonder & mystery to this raw beauty. It is her hope that each of her gourd art pieces takes you to a place of wonder in the Great American West.

Member of the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, GJ Brush & Palette, Carbon County Art Guild, Calabash Gourd Artisans, and The American Gourd Society. Her work is shared at Carbon County Art Guild Depot Gallery in Red Lodge, MT...Dancing Buffalo Gallery, Virginia City, MT....Willow Creek in Grand Junction, CO...The Great Southwest Gallery, Tlaquepaque Center, Sedona, AZ

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Linda  Paige

P.O. Box 23121, Glade Park, CO 81523