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David Ritter

Carvings, Woodturning, Woodwork

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David Ritter, Carver


Pintail by David Ritter


Preening Canada Goose by David Ritter


Pair of Primitive Swans

By David and Donna Ritter
$295 each

available for sale at the Gallery


Shorebirds by David Ritter


New Mexico Elm Vase by David Ritter


available for sale at the Gallery


Assorted Artwork by David Ritter


Presentation Grade Juniper Canvasback

by David Ritter

available for sale at the Gallery


Juniper Vase with bark by David Ritter



Juniper Candle Holder by David Ritter


available for sale at the Gallery


Butternut Hooded Merganser


available for sale at the Gallery


Pintail and other artwork by David Ritter


Cottonwood Vase


available for sale at the Gallery

For many years, David Ritter worked for a large photography studio in Ohio. It was on a trip to Cody and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center that he spied some wood carvings, studied them a bit, and thought "I could do that". He then spent about a year carving decoys as a hobby before moving to Red Lodge, Montana.

Early in his carving career, on a trip back to Ohio, Ritter salvaged some large chestnut beams from a collapsed storage barn in an apple orchard. Today, he uses available woods here in Montana including aspen, juniper and Russian olive to create his one-of-a-kind decoys. He also uses woods from New Mexico, California, Texas, Georgia and Ohio.

Ritter carves a variety of 12-13 duck species and has completed more than 4000 carvings to date. After many years of decoy carving, Ritter has added primitive decoys, wood turned vases, lidded boxes, lamps, bird houses, fancy wine bottle stoppers and other bird related items to his creative work. His wife, Donna, paints the primitive decoys, along with doing the public relations and other office work for the business.

The Ritters show their work in galleries in Red Lodge, Billings, Cody and Jackson, WY, and also in Ohio.

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