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Jan-May 2020 Second Saturday
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Elton Kirtley

Oil, Watercolor, Mixed

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But Mom, Salad For Breakfast?

Mare and foal near Fromberg, MT
22x28 in. Oil on plywood with filler, linseed, gesso

available for sale at the Gallery


Looking Back

Native man looking back at his bride before hunt
31x20 in. Oil on linseeded and gessoed plywood


Walk In Gold

22x27 in. Oil on linseeded and gessoed plywood
artist-made lodgepole frame


Rimrock Rendezvous - oil

Bul and cow moose in the Beartooth Mountains
22x28 in. Oil gessoed canvas on plywood


Magic Moose Moment

Two moose high in the Beartooth Mountains
24x40 in. Oil on gessoed canvas on plywood in log frame


Perfect Pair

Native girl on her favorite horse
21x8 in. Oil on linseeded and gessoed plywood


Bareback And Free

Native girl on her favorite horse
18x12 in. Oil on linseeded and gessoed plywood


Touring The Past

scene from Smith Mine, Bearcreek MT
16x14 in. Oil on linseeded and gessoed masonite

Elton C. Kirtley Biography and Artist's Statement I seek to express good, eternal things of God that I see in nature, family, in the Holy Bible, and in classics like John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. I express myself in visual art and in music. I play by note at times, especially with Bach's unaccompanied works for violin and cello. But improvising music is what I really like to do. The kids and I improvised music for many years together. The music that we made provides the basis for my impressionistic style now, as shapes, colors, and lines interact. As a descendant of homesteaders on both sides of my family, I have a strong sense of personal responsibility and problem-solving. I also feel connected to the history of the developing West, from St. Joseph, Missouri, where I was born, to Anaconda, Montana, where I was raised. I also desire to pay my respects to the many Native Americans who unjustly died at the hands of deceived "Christians". In all of my paintings involving Native Americans (and also traditional Americans), I seek to show the common humanity of us all, and the light that God has put in each of us. As a house painter for more than twenty-five years, I know paint, and how to work paint. I also taped and bedded sheetrock exclusively by hand, so a trowel or palette knife is almost as comfortable in my hand as a brush. I also have a degree in art and music education from Western Montana College, which comes in handy for overall perspective. I built a log cabin in northern Montana when our kids were very young, and Rachel and I coped without electricity and running water for four years. I still like to see what I can make out of logs, especially picture frames. I paint in oil on canvas, Masonite, or plywood. I paint watercolors on Masonite, or paper on Masonite. Sometimes I start with watercolor, and after sealing the surface, I finish in oil. I have three categories of painting: Non-progressive, Responder, and Stability. My Non-progressive Art is about developing real composition from scratch, using photos only for reference, and painting mostly in a representational and classic or illustrative style. These could have an historical theme, or be based entirely on imagination. Responder Art for me is about responding to a photograph or photographs, or to a scene that I paint on-site. This work is predominantly impressionistic in style. My use of the word Stability comes from a Hebrew word that is translated truth. Truth, over and above "facts", is what brings stability to a family, or, by extension, the world. My work in the Stability Art category involves Biblical scenes or teachings or constructive abstract concepts. I do not feel bound to follow rules or fads of composition, color, material, or medium. So expect to find a broad range of expression.

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